Top Resources

Lean Startup Online: free Udacity course Customer Development Labs: Justin Wilcox provides top-notch lean methodologies. F6S: startups, founders and funders Team Owlet: student lean startup competition presentation Lean Meetups Kauffman Founder's School Startup tools wiki: ton of startup resources

Business Creation

Idea generation: idea exchange Idea Incubator: idea development resources The Internet Wishlist: ideas people wish were reality
Lean as a practice
Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything: Steve Blank, Harvard Business Review. You'll find a wide range of Lean Startup resources on this page.

Market Research

Market and User Research
Google Ventures: library | guide to research | micro-surveys Google Scholar: scholar | sample search Webmaster Tools: keyword planner finding top keywords people use to search Google
comScore Mobile platform market share
Business Management & Operations Resources
Management Help: collection of tips and resources

Lean Tools

Lean Canvas
How to Create Your Lean Canvas
Business Model Canvas
Business Model Canvas II (modified Osterwalders)
Validation Board
The Validation Board: Business Prototyping review
Initial Customer Survey: a proven approach to drive rapid product adoption

Tech Development Tools

Technical Utility Tools
Balsamiq: web dev wireframing tool. Free for open-source projects, just ask. See the Tech page on this site for more tech goodies.
Team Communication
Hipchat team communication tool
WordPress Resources
WordPress tv | codex | WordCamp | Meetups | forums | developers | CodePoet

Lean Education

Learning Connections and Networking
Lean Meetups: Meetups focused on lean starters and their success Lean Startup Circle: forum, Meetups and wiki 1 Million Cups: national network of entrepreneurs supporting entrepreneurs

Customer Development

Customer Interview Templates and Resources 26 Resources to Help You Master Customer Development Interviews
Interviews: What Not to Do
Bad Customer Development Questions and How to Avoid My Mistakes: Questionnaires for customer interviews.
Startup & Business Education
Lean Startup Online: free Udacity course Kauffman Founder's School: collection of videos to help new startups and professional entrepreneurs
Lean Education Videos
(Jump School) The Pivot: Eric Ries describes Validation Board - Lean Startup: How Trevor Saved $10k and 6 months using Validation Board Getting Customers Without a Product: How I got my first customers without having a product Lean Startup Story: How $40 Saved Us 9 Months and $2MM 12 Tips Early Customer Development A Better Way to Think About Your Business Model: Sketch Out Your Hypothesis How to visually discover - and articulate - your value proposition Customer Dev Labs: myriad lean startup methodologies and best-practices StartItUp Guides: preparation for your lean startup
Lean Education
Steve Blank's Slideshare channel Stanford MOOC Steve Blank on Customer Acquisition Steve Blank Stanford resources 2k of Stanford's MOOCs and Podcasts, with phone app Crossing the chasm revisited Lean Launchpad: Customer Discovery video collection
Service Design Thinking - UX/CX/UI
CX Journey Mapping Toolkit The Improved Museum Experience nform: Strategy, design and evaluation for complex digital products and services User onboarding: UX/UI tips from hot sites
Lean Startup: Eric Ries The Startup Owner's Manual: Steve Blank Lean Entrepreneur: Brant Cooper Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist by Brad Feld O'Reilly Lean Series: Running Lean (Maurya) and Lean UX (Gothelf)
Startup Resource Libraries
Startup tools wiki: ton of startup resources Startup and small business resources
Startup Community and Calendars
F6S: Startups Startup Digest: San Diego | Austin | directory - Calendars of all start-up related meetings, generally focused on tech by communities across America
Startup Online Forums
American Express OPEN Forum Google Groups: a wide variety of special interest groups. Search for startups, lean, foodies, health etc. whatever your area of interest
Big and Small Data
Center for Data Innovation
Startup Trials and Freebies
AWS Cloud Hosting: one-year free cloud hosting and services use to search for suitable domain names. Has a suggestion tool. Stick with short, .com and no hyphens for best success. Also do a Google search for 'domain name deals' and you'll find a lot of places give $1 domains for the first year etc.

Team: Co-founders, advisors and mentors

Team Building
How To Build A Winning Business Team: Steve Blank
Co-Founder Matching
Co-Founders Lab Founder2Be Founder Dating
Founder institute ( advisor standard template (FAST): model advisory board member compensation form
Find an Expert
Clarity: pay per minute to speak with top experts around the nation SoHelpful: free phone calls with leading experts
Finding Talent
Hire Heroes USA: veteran and employer connections and resources
Shows & Competitions
LAUNCH Festival: premier annual startup expo, hackathon, conference.
University Resources
Wharton eClub
Canvases and Plan Competitions
IBMC 2013: Team Owlet: 1st Place
Media and Public Relations
Just Reach Out: find reporters interested in your topics Help a Reporter Out: find reporters looking for your expertise (use carefully)