Phone and Notebook Security Prey Project - computer and phone recovery - free Organizational Utilities Evernote - collaborative note-taking and sharing app Dropbox - cloud file storage, syncing and sharing Visualization Utilities Pokki - use a wide range of web-apps on your PC, just like on your phone. Air Squirrels - wirelessly mirrors your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch screens to any Mac or PC Online Graphics & Design Tools Balsaiq - wire-framing collaboration tool Diagramly - draw diagrams online - brainstorm and mind map online Creately - draw, share, validate and export diagram Online Image Editor - free image editing Animoto - video slideshow maker with music yWorks - diagramming tool GIS and GPS Geo-coding & Mapping Tools GPS Visualizer - easy-to-use online utility that creates maps and profiles from GPS data Find Lot Size - map measurement tool as well as a street view and Google Earth view of the property Radius Zip Code Finder - find zip code in a radius BatchGeo - easy to use tool to create maps with your address data Polymaps - library for making dynamic, interactive maps in modern web browsers Open Source Code Repositories & Tools Github - open-source code repository google-blockly - visual programming language - google project hosting Social Collaboration Platforms & Tools Scratch - create, imagine, program, share around the world Storify ยท create social stories Web-Based Business Services - free email list management and tool - up to 12k a month! Justia Virtual Chase - legal research Web-Based Personal Services Lifehacker - myriad personal ideas and resources NudgeMail - easiest way to send yourself reminders stickK - Change Starts Now - smartest way to set and achieve goals The Story of Stuff - how things work Also see Web Dev for many more resources focused on web development Presentation Applications - simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly. Free apps for iOs or Android Collaboration & Discovery Marblar - help advance science, even if you're not a scientist!

Web Dev

Design & Development Talent Fivr - programmer and other tech talent bidding service Free Websites and Blogs WordPress - the premier free website and blogging tool Wix - free website building tool Weebly - free website building tool Favorite WordPress Plug-ins NextGen - extensive gallery display CSV to Database tool WordPress Functions Publish Google Docs To WordPress To Twitter & Facebook ETC | Hobo Web Design Color Palette Chooser Screen Aspect Ratio & Dimension Calculator Graphic Libraries Creativity 103 - images, wallpapers, design packs