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Mexican American Border
From Border Barriers to Bi-National Promise

Open Government

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Open Government
Code For America – coders, designers and entrepreneurs creating amazing government online utilities
Sunlight Foundation and – tools to help citizens stay connected with state and federal governments and agencies

Open Government & Related Industry Visualization and Data
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation – Trends in Civic Tech
Urban.Us – Urbantech Radar
US GovLab – OPEN DATA 500< OPEN DATA 500 - Silk Visualization

Notable Open Resources
Directory of Open Access Journals – scientific journal research tool
Common Crawl – producing and maintaining an open repository of web crawl data that is universally accessible and analyzable

California public records CPRA
Citizen Media Law Project – access to public records in california
First Amendment Coalition – defending your freedom of speech and right to know
CA Codes (gov:6250-6270) – California open records act
KCNN: Citizen Journalists’ Guide to Open Government – helpful resources for bloggers and advocates

Municipal Planning and Development

OpenCounter – Great site to help new businesses get started within the city of Santa Cruz, California

Racial Dot Map – US demographic mapping tool by race